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Our Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations are guidelines that stipulates general requirements on safety standards in our company or project sites.

The HSE department of KAYGRILLS publishes a code of practice on implementing the regulations. Though a breach of the code creates neither civil nor criminal liability in itself, it could be evidential as to either.


In recent years, the Federal Government of Nigeria has shown keen interest in the protection/preservation of the environment. Consequently, the Federal Government directed a monthly environmental sanitation exercise, which is a nationwide exercise aimed at ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the citizenry.


KAYGRILLS SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED is similarly committed to ensuring a clean and healthy environment especially in the course of work/training.


The Environmental Sanitation programme is taken seriously in our company. A physical factor in the environment that does influences health at work, such as, lighting, ventilation, humidity and effects of temperature extremes during training periods, shall be effectively managed. serious effort will be geared towards minimization of dust released during the course of work, use and disposal of injurious chemicals should be structured and well monitored. Efforts are to be made towards reducing noise and fumes generated during operation.


Every employee of KAYGRILLS SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED is expected to live in a healthy and environmentally acceptable atmosphere both at home and at work.


It is necessary that early recognition of health hazards is established, assessed, and brought under control. The company retains the services of a government registered hospital to take care of our workers. Much emphasis is placed on the promotion of the total health concept and protection of the workers. All workers in our employment must be certified medically fit before employment and annual medical certifications are conducted on regular basis. Workers are encouraged to report all kinds of occupational diseases for prompt action.


Kaygrills Services Nigeria limited is committed to providing a safe and healthful training that are free from recognized hazards. The safety and health of our trainees is one of the highest priorities of the company. It is the policy of Kaygrills Services Nigeria Limited to maintain high level on the scenario based training that are free from recognized safety and health hazards and ensure that accident prevention will be given primary importance in all phases of operation and administration of human resources. Therefore, management has developed safety and health programs to reduce the injuries and illnesses that are prevalent in our training site.


The top management of Kaygrill Services Nigeria Limited recognise that, effective quality management of its activities is essential to providing quality services fit for the purpose of having scenario based training and control systems. This will enable KGS to comply with or exceed defined contractual requirements with regards to technical training, reliability and quality standards for its clients, so far as is reasonably practicable.

To meet these obligations, the company has set standards for the achievement, sustenance and effective monitoring of its performance through implementation of an integrated management system designed to cater for the key elements of the quality assurance (BS EN ISO 9001:2015)

The details of these elements and the methods which the company has adopted to effectively plan, organise, control monitor and review are outlined in the manual.

Kaygrill top management expects its personnel to work to achieve the under listed quality objective;

  • Pursue the goal of continuous improvement in everything Kaygrill Services does.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through delivery of quality services in an agreed manner all the times.
  • Establish and maintain clear responsibilities and accountabilities for managing all key business process activities to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Kaygrill Services operates in compliance with all statutory legal requirements.

The responsibility for monitoring and implementing the quality management system is vested with the quality assurance/quality control manager who reports directly to the Managing Director.

The intent of this policy and the implementation of the quality management system focus on acceptable standards of performance of this company and have the personal commitment and support of the Managing Director, who has signed below.


The security of all our employees, equipment and property is of utmost importance to our company. Staff movement log books are kept on all our sites and updated regularly to check our workers movement and ensure their safety and security; all our employees are provided with company identity cards and the client’s own (where necessary men are on guard twenty four hours in all our worksheets).


Kaygrill Services Nigeria Limited is committed to the development and maintenance of good relationships with stakeholder communities in the regions in which we operate.

In accepting business responsibility for engineering inspections, fire safety/risk management, emergency response/ health, safety and environment (HSE) trainings and other activities that we carry out, we also acknowledge social responsibility to the extent that our project bring tangible benefits to surrounding communities. Accordingly for the benefit of our communities, contractors and shareholders

Kaygrill Services Nigeria Limited will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards in the regions in which we operate
  • Develop a community relations management system for each region in which we operate
  • Regularly consult with communities and their representatives to discuss issue of concern and how to manage them
  • Undertake cost-effective socio-economic initiatives that reflect the needs of the communities
  • Recognize and respect the values of different cultures, where we operate
  • Regularly audit a project’s community relations plan and its implementation, operation, measurement and reporting requirements
  • Promote the achievements of our policy to company Staff, Contractors Shareholders, Communities and government.

Careful project management, a commitment to successful community relationships and an adherence to this policy will lead to increased mutual respect for all parties


Kaygrill Services Nigeria Limitedis committed to the effectiveness of Local Content policy asa vital feature in its services. Kaygrill services ensure it encourages, support and promote professional development of manpower in emergency response, fire and safety in the industry. The acquisition of skill, knowledge and competency by Nigerian trademen and foremen is an intentional drive by Kaygrill management in doing business within the oil and gas sector.

Policy statement

  • To increase the participation of Nigerian trademen in the oil and gas industry.
  • To close up the knowledge gap and develop the skill level of the Nigerians locally to meet up with required standards.
  • To maximize the participation of Nigerian workers in the industry to be in-line with the requirements of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010 without compromising quality, business ethics, and HSE.
  • To watch over the performance of its employees and maintain a continues professional relationship.
  • To encourage and assist in the development of Nigerian workers to enable them achieve standards of excellence in their profession.

Implementation of policy

KGS is committed to the implementation of the policy by:

  • Complying with the Nigerian Content Act 2010.
  • The Development and training of Nigerian Human resources in its employees.
  • Sustaining and developing of local, regional and other Nigerians’ capacities through well organized professional trainings.